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Stay Healthy, Guys

Just a quick thing, since I feel bad for not updating this blog more often. I’ve been feeling tired and stressed-out lately, and this has shown in my neglect of this blog and of my novel. I hope I’m not getting sick, since it’s so close to important musically oriented events (especially as I’m a vocalist first and foremost), and since my schoolwork, blogging, writing and general presence will go straight downhill. I’ll admit I’m a wuss. I know I’ll have to up my game in the future. Hopefully, however, once I get into the habit of taking vitamin supplements and actually sleeping once in a while things will improve and I will not have to push through a haze of exhaustion in order to accomplish anything. It’s so much easier, at least for me, to avoid illness and exhaustion altogether than to have the need to push through it.

Hopefully I will start blogging regularly again soon. I’ve managed to finish several chapters in editing my novel today, so I think I’m starting to claw my way back. Take care of yourselves, like I forget to, and hopefully you won’t have to struggle to keep up-do-date with life. Stay healthy, guys.

I Am The Queen Of Procrastination

What My Editing Looks Like

I really should be printing out some more of my novel right now so I can get out my old mate, the red pen. Instead, I’ve found myself plowing through my surplus of unread books, which has grown since yesterday when my mother made the mistake of setting me loose in our local bookstore. I had to put half the books back so we could eat. All these words should tide me over until the next school term, if I end up reading at all. I need to edit some more.

And I’m getting a really bad cold so my brain is currently mush. Of all the weeks to get sick, this had to be one of the worst. I had a singing performance today, and I’ve got a full weekend of school musical rehearsals AND a friend’s birthday. I’m going to crash and burn, so don’t expect to hear from me any time in the near future.