Current Projects

My main project is a novel titled Coldfire, which I began writing in April 2008.

Coldfire is about a teenage boy who can harness the magic of the earth, and about a tyrannical government’s plans to obtain a magical artefact that will allow them to control the minds of every human being in the world. It is up to the boy and his friends–a girl who can manipulate fire, a werewolf boy who can heal injuries and a girl who can see into the future–to stop them.

Last year’s NaNoWriMo was a YA paranormal titled Deathwitch. Here’s the summary I have on my profile:

Gwen Parker is a cheerleader who researches the occult in her spare time, especially enthralled by stories of the living dead. But that’s all they are: stories. Or so she thought. When members of her cheer squad begin suffering mysterious injuries and rumors circulate of the dead rising from their graves, Gwen realizes those tales of zombies and liches and sentient dead with their own agendas are very much real… and they’ll stop at nothing to protect their secrets.

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