About The Blogger

Ann Elise Monte is an Australian student who would quite like to have a book published. She has written a number of short stories that have been published in a small-circulation magazine. (see Publishing Credits for more info).

She is an avid reader and writer of Young Adult fiction, particularly those incorporating fantasy elements. Some of her favourite authors include Maggie Stiefvater, J.K. Rowling, Richelle Mead and Brenna Yovanoff. She is a quiet Twilight lover and enjoys watching the reactions of people she knows when they find out she is one in the sea of Twilight fans, though she prides herself on her capability to restrain the girlish screams so stereotypical of Stephenie Meyer’s fanbase.

Ann Elise talks to herself, and regularly imagines scenarios for her characters inside her head. These scenarios often involve her muttering bits of dialogue and attempting roundhouse kicks. These attempts never end well. She also trips over her dogs, and talks to them like they’re babies.

It can be easily gathered from this bio that Ann Elise Monte is completely and utterly normal, and also enjoys referring to herself in the third person.


5 thoughts on “About The Blogger

    • YA is amazing. It’s what I always come back to in both writing and reading. The occasional story aimed at adults may catch my eye, but YA has always been my favourite.

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